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Mental Health Ambassadors (for young people in schools)

Mental Health Wellbeing & Resilience for Young People Mental Health Ambassadors (for young people in schools) Mental%20Health%20Ambassadors.png
  • 2 Days (school hours)
  • $1,100.00 incl. GST


The Mental Health Ambassadors program provides students within schools with an understanding of adolescent mental health issues. 

The workshop aims to enable young people to help a peer experiencing the early symptoms of a mental health problem by identifying when help is needed, provide support, promote connections to formal support services and help strengthen the bonds between students, empowering them to protect and look out for each other.

Course outline

The Mental Health Ambassadors program covers: 

  • The difference between being a helper and being a friend
  • Understanding how personal values are linked to someone becoming distressed
  • Signs that someone is not coping (general)
  • How to start a conversation and concern for a peer
  • Communication skills (active listening, validation, reflecting feelings, de-escalating a panic attack, grounding, matching tone etc)
  • Boundaries for being a helper (ie when to get adult or professional help, and how) 
  • Personal resilience and how to take care of yourself, generally but also after supporting a peer


Trained students will be able to:

  • Notice and support young people in need
  • Connect those young people with health providers outside of the school or counsellors within the school community
  • Model and encourage help seeking behaviour 
  • Act to help dispel myths and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues
  • And, ultimately reduce the impact of mental health

To make a booking, please contact us below or on training@act.lifeline.org.au 

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