How long have you been volunteering with Lifeline Canberra? 

  • For nearly 10 years, it’s gone in a flash.

How did you get started volunteering with Lifeline Canberra?

  • I had a growing awareness of people going through very tough times – not necessarily suicidal, just hard, hard times. People often don’t have family, friends or any support. Through my work, I discovered many of the ‘at risk’ people are young and need someone to just listen

What keeps you volunteering with Lifeline Canberra? 

  • It’s a hugely supportive environment, the Lifeline Canberra team is caring, fun to be with and there’s such a lot on offer in terms of professional development and new challenges. Every year is different, every year brings new challenges and a chance to grow.

What does taking a call on the Crisis Line mean to you?

  • It means: ‘OK. We are here for you. Take your time. I hope we can make a difference. Hope we can keep you safe. Hope you feel that someone is listening, someone cares.’